Type:  Blank
Size:  M(100x60cm)


I am improving myself and doing everything possible to meet your buying needs

Our wooden map is designed to make your apartment or office very, very beautiful (we checked). She replaced the old and boring empty wall. It is hundreds of times better than any picture and much more interesting than a photo frame. To

All other maps of the world have been flying in front of her.

Why is our map❓
First, you will not find the same map. This is a unique handmade wooden map! You are lucky to find its manufacturer.


✔ M: 100 см x 60 см (39"x24")
✔ L: 150 см x 90 см (59"x35")
✔ XL: 200 см x 120 см (79"x47")
✔ XXL: 300 см 170 см (118"x70'')

📍First of all:

Map with national capitals + state names of the U.S., Canada, and Australia +


The package contains the name of the ocean, wooden plane, ship and compass.

Thickness: 6 mm
Material: Birch plywood.

When choosing the room where you want to paste the map, please consider the following factors:
• Increases in humidity and sudden changes in temperature can deform the tree, making it unusable and unsightly
• Direct sunlight will destroy the appearance of the map, distort its true colors and produce a burnout effect.
Since the card is made of natural wood, the color of the map may be slightly different (lighter or darker). The color of the map is different from the color shown in the photo. This is due to the diversity of the structure of the trees and the natural properties of the trees that give them unique pigments.

What products are attached ❓
Map elements are taped to the wall (the principle is similar to double-sided tape, but the tape is denser and more reliable). The tape is provided with the map.

How to choose a map❓

First you should decide the size of the map. If your wall is 3 meters or more, then the size of 2XL-3XL will fit it perfectly. If your room is compact enough (1.5-2m wall), then the L size is your choice.