Wheel Rim Protector

Color:  Black


No need to waste that money to replace that car rim! Protect your car rim in advance so you don't waste money on car fix! This innovative product is specially developed to protect that wheel from scratches.
Keep that rims brand - new and scratch-free! This stylish and colorful protector will keep that precious car look new! Highlight that cool and sleek wheels with this product.
Minimize the repair cost by protecting wheel rims from future damage! GET YOURS NOW!


  • 360 Protection! Save money and time - Cost-effective! This minimizes the cost of annual car maintenance by protecting that wheel

  • Fit most Wheel Rims - This rim protector is 8-meter in length. Perfect fit most wheel rims.

  • Strong Adhesion - This product is ultra-lightweight rim protection with strong adhesion that will stick to that wheel.

  • STYLISH! Highlight that wheel - Perfect for any car owners who want to add style and highlight the car rim!

  • Tough and Durable - Made from tough thermoplastic rubber with high elasticity and high strength! Certified resilient and non - toxic! Weather and stressed resistance with a superior level of protection. 

  • DO IT YOURSELF INSTALLATION!No need for professional help. Mount this product in minutes without removing the tire.


1. Clean the area 
2. Remove the adhesive tape
3. Paste along the rim
4. Cut off excess part
5. Smoothly with your fingers
6. Finish



Size: 8m*0.8cm*0.5cm
Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Powder, Green, Purple


1 x PRO Wheel Rim Protector