Vegetable Slicer Multifunction Kicthen Tools Zip

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Vegetable Slicer Multifunction Kicthen Tools Zip

product description:

  • Are you tired of shredding in the kitchen preparation? Vegetable cutter can provide you with a relaxed lifestyle!
  • Vegetable cutters replace knives and help you cut smoothly.
  • You can slice food thinly like a chef.
  • One of the best gifts for friends and family.
  • 8 Multifunctional vegetable  with hand guards. The cutting knife is more convenient, and the food will not hurt.
  • The powerful storage box-the base of the food container holder can hold all the slices, debris and cuts to keep the kitchen tidy.
  • Clean and wash the kitchen knife immediately after use, and then dry the vegetable residues. Do not use water exceeding 60 degrees for cleaning.
  • The blade of the cutter is very sharp. Do not  the blade with your fingers. Use safety gloves when cutting.
  • Vegetable cutter is a non-electric kitchen utensil that can be used anywhere.
  • It is as useful outside the kitchen as it is in the kitchen. Used in camping, barbecue or any place you like, it is very suitable for use without electricity.
  • Completely safe, easy to use and clean the vegetable cutter.

  • 1 x food container