Suction Knife Sharpener

Color:  Red


Safer knife sharpener with suction cup

⭐ The safest knife sharpener with a suction cup on the bottom, when it rotates to lock, the small sharpener will be sucked firmly on the table or counter. Even one hand can finish sharpening your knife. Your finger is protected so no more worries about the knife sliding into your finger.

Fast and efficient knife sharpener

⭐ The two-slot knife sharpener is suitable for most non-serrated blades. Slot 1 for rough sharpening and slot 2 is for finishing and polishing the edge. Simply pull your knife through the slot from the heel to the tip for a couple of times with the ideal sharpening angle, you will get your knife sharp.

Compact size and lightweight

⭐ The knife sharpener is portable in size and convenient to use. You can easily put it in your bag when you go out and sharpen your knives when you need it. The suction cup on the bottom of the knife sharpener makes the sharpener suck firmly on the counter so you won't lose it.

Premium quality will never rust

⭐ A good knife sharpener won't wear out over time. Strong and durable material is just right for a good knife sharpener. We design to sharpen the knife safely and healthily. We not only care about finger-protected suction cup, but also use healthy material that will never rust.