Silicone Hair Curlers-✨Become a delicate girl.

Color:  PINK
Size:  SMALL
Quantity:  10PCS


 this is not a dream anymore! Is your girlfriend still using that unsafe curling iron? With these Silicone Hair Curlers, your girlfriend can DIY curling hairstyles at home. And this will not hurt her beautiful hair.

It(40PCS) comes with a wig cap to fix the curling iron, so that you can use it more conveniently when sleeping, cooking, and doing housework.I believe your wife or girlfriend will like it!!

Product features:

  • All hair types wet or dry can be nice curly、loose and body wave hair without any electric hair and perm plaster damage-drop hair damage degree to your big money and time to the salon.

  • Only with simple steps can have nice hair curl wave-roll your hair to roller opened from hair end to the top then fold hair rollers without any hair clip after all rollers finished wear net cap promote crim hair effect doubly. Watching TV or coffee time the nice hair wave will be on your hair.

  • Soft Sleep Hair Rollers--made in high elastic safety silicone-super light and soft special for having rest for sleep. most of the person like using both of them at the same time. when waking up your curly hair wave will be done.
  • You can use this product for thousand times and this will save you money.

  • Lightweight hair curlers can be taken to anywhere when you travel to another place. You just need a small bag to store these curlers.
  • It is a great gift for women and girls, giving this hair care roller as a unique present to your loved ones will be a nice idea.

📢Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Do they leave dents, obvious creases at the top?

Answer:They do not leave dents in your hair. You can roll them loosely or tight for soft or curly styles. Enjoy them because they will curl your hair quickly.

Question:How long do u need to leave them on in order to get that curls ?

Answer:Please keep it 30 minutes to 1 hours, it will give you great memory hair wave.

Question:IThis says this comes with a mesh cap - is this true?


Answer:Yes that is true. It comes with a mesh cap if you buy the 40pcs.

How To Use:


Color: pink,blue



  • 10/20/40pcs Silicone Hair Curlers
  • 10pcs *(5pcs large+5pcs small) Silicone Hair Curlers
  • or 20pcs * (10pcs large+10pcs small) Silicone Hair Curlers
  • or 40pcs * (20pcs large+20pcs small) Silicone Hair Curlers+1×Wig cap+1×Premium packaging bag