Resin Statue

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      1. In Germanic mythology, Odin (from Old Norwegian Óðinn) is a widely respected god. In Norse mythology derived from most of the information of the god, Odin is associated with wisdom, healing, death, royalty, gallows, knowledge, battle, witchcraft, poetry, frenzy, and rune letters, and is Odin’s husband.  Frigg. In broader German mythology and paganism, Odin is called Wōden in Old English, Wōdan in Old Saxons, and Wuotan or Wōtan in Old High German, all of which are derived from reconstruction The original Germanic name *wōđanaz.
       2. THORs carried a hammer called Mjölnir (lightning), which was built by dwarves to crush mountains. He also possesses iron gloves and a magic belt called Megingjörd to kill his enemies. These "weapons" travel with him in a cart or chariot pulled by two huge goats.
       3. Loki is the cunning god of liars in Norse mythology. Although considered a nominal member of the gods, Loki occupies a highly contradictory and ultimately unique position among the gods, giants, and other types of spiritual creatures of the pre-Christian Nordic religion.
       4. In Norse mythology, Freyja (/ˈfreɪə/; Old Norwegian meaning "(the) Lady") is a related to love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr.
      Project Type: Decorative
      Size:  9.5cmx4.5cmx20cm(3.7"1.77"7.87")
      Color:  Brown
      Instructions for use:
      Material: resin

      Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3cm, and make sure you don’t mind before ordering.
      Please understand that due to the different positions of the pictures, the colors may have chromatic aberrations.
The package includes:
      1 x  Decorative