Quick-Fix Strong Adhesive AB Glue



The Quick-Fix Strong Adhesive AB Glue is a powerful and quick-drying glue that helps you repair all kinds of metals like iron or stainless steel. It is useful for fixing pipes, taps or other broken metals

It is easy to use, just mix in a 1:1 ratio then it can lead to a maximum strength that is long-lasting and has permanent bonding. The glue is applicable during all seasons as it has great temperature resistance from -60°C to 150°C. To have this wonderful helper for renovation or repairment, let's order now.      



  • Easy To Use: The glue is made of resin and hardener substance. It is fast and easy to apply with 1:1 ratio. 


  • Permanent Bonding: The mixed glue has strong adhesion with permanent bonding. It can last for a long period without going worn.


  • Quick Dry Feature: The glue has a short drying time, just wait for a few minutes then you are good to go. Let it dry overnight to reach maximum bonding and hardness.


  • Temperature Resistance: You can store and use the glue during all seasons as it has a great temperature resistance from -60°C to 150°C.


  • Wide ApplicationIt has a wide application. It is perfect for fixing pipes, taps or other broken metals.



  • Material: A (Grey) Epoxy Resin
    / B (White) Polyfunctional Hardener
  • Weight: 100g /


  • 1 x  Strong Adhesive AB Glue