Professional Dog And Cat Finger Toothbrush 5pcs

Color:  Pink


Main Features
  • Soft And Comfortable
    Silicone bristles dog finger toothbrush is softer than traditional bristles. The soft bristles make it easier for pets to feel the pleasure of brushing their teeth. They have a strong abrasion resistance.
  • 360° Surrounding Brush
    The toothbrush comfortably fits your finger, 360° design, a few swipes can easily clean the entire mouth, effectively reduce plaque and tartar, prevent oral diseases, and instantly freshen your pet's breath.
  • Safe And Non-toxic Material
    Made of 100% safe silicone, it does not contain any toxic elements that are harmful to your dog and cat. The material has been tested and proven to be BPA free.
  • Easy To Use
    Just add water and cleaning products, and you can use it, not only can you clean your pet's mouth but also their chin.