Portable Waterproof Flint Fire Starter Match

Style:  The Missile


The waterproof flint fire starter match is one of the best survival kit tools you should always have at hand. You shouldn’t leave home without your flint lighter

Everyone knows that a regular match is no ‘match’ for the outdoors. A little cold, and they won’t light. Get them wet, and that’s it. A little wind and your regular match is out or goes uncontrollable.
You need something more durable and reliable … a fire starter that you can depend on no matter what. The everlasting matches that can withstand thousands of strikes.

That’s where the Portable Waterproof Flint Fire Starter Match comes in.


Our fire starter has taken the traditional flint fire starting concept and made it modern. Then we put it in a small and convenient package that you can carry with you anywhere.
It is utility and convenience in one durable package – the forever match you need on your keychain or in your camping or emergency kit.

The portable forever match for the outdoors
If you love the outdoors, going camping, or fishing, then you should have a light with you everywhere you go.
What you need is a forever match – the modern flint fire starter that’s guaranteed to light and can endure up to 10,000 strikes!

Choose the always reliable permanent match and make life easier with the safer flint lighter


With a keychain, bottle opener, and reusable flint match, you have an all-in-one tool perfect for the outdoors. The small, compact design makes it highly portable and easy to carry.


The flint fire starter keychain is a waterproof alloy match that works in hot and cold conditions, humid climate and windy weather. It is the reliable forever match to have on you at all times.


The portable waterproof flint fire starter match is safe to transport and use as your keychain. No sparks are generated until you scrape off the black wax covering the aluminum strip.


This permanent match is the ideal keychain fire starter survival tool for fishing, camping, hiking, boy scouts, survival, and emergency preparedness kits. They are made of all-alloy metal, flint, and steel for durability. Our everlasting matches are designed to be sturdy, stable, and ready to keep up with you outdoors.


The portable waterproof flint fire starter match is the perfect gift for any occasion. A must-have for persons who enjoy the outdoors, love a good barbecue, or want to stock their emergency survival kit with a flint striker.

Five (5) different fashionable designs make this permanent fire starter an ideal key pendant for on-the-go.


Grab yours while they are still in stock and get our unbelievably low price for your flint fire starter of choice.

How It Works

  • Unscrew the cap and add 2-3ml of lighter fuel. (This is a sealed, non-volatile tank.) Screw back in the scraper and wait 1-3 minutes for the cotton and wick to fully absorb the lighter fluid.
  • Pull the ‘match’ out, push hard, and slide along the flint at a 45-degree angle. The friction between the flint and magnesium sparks to ignite the cotton core stained with gasoline.
  • And that’s it. Strike up to 10,000 times before it’s time for a new one.


  • Due to shipping regulations, the flint fire starter cannot contain fuel on shipment. You’ll need to add 2-3ml of gasoline or kerosene to the cotton core (though we recommend Zippo lighter fluid) before use.
  • You need to scrape off the black wax layer on the aluminum strip for first-time use.