Pendant Bird Feeder

Style:  Courtly Check


When the Poplar Ridge Pendant Bird Feeder is working, the birds will whistle. The lid with our hand painted Taylor pattern poplar ridges lifts up so the mesh bottom can be filled with bird food.

Create an upscale community for your local birds and make these beautiful painted aviaries home. Attach to any porch perch or tree to add a little glamour to your outdoor world.

If your family and friends love their birders, this is a great gift to get them a front row seat from the comfort of their home.

Handcrafted from durable metal and resin, our birdhouses are extremely durable outdoors and will last for years in rain and snow.

why do you like it

- Decorative birdhouse garden accents

- Weather and rust resistant

- 100% Premium Powder Coated Iron

- Drain holes and cleaning channels

- Hand-painted with beautiful details and textures

- The feeder can be attached to any porch perch or tree.

Flyer's Folly: 19 cm high x 9.25 cm wide x 9.25 cm deep
Bird habitat: 16cm high x 7cm wide x 7cm deep
Pagoda Aviary: 16'cmH x 7cm W x 7cmD
Courtly Check: 17.99cm H x 8.27cm W x 8.27cm D
Feather Nest Bird Feeder: 17.99 cm H x 12.2 cm W x 12.2 cm D
Morning Glory: 16 cm high x 5.5 cm wide x 5.5 cm deep