Mesh ball for solar lighting



Bringen Sie die Sterne an Ihr Fenster

Align your home with the tranquil ambience of Astral! Omiorb™ creates a magical exterior landscape. Just hang it where you want to be full of love and beauty!

The colorful butterflies blend in perfectly with any background, and at night you'll see the entire sphere twinkling in soft lighting, supported by integrated solar cells on the sides!

Product advantages
✅ Enchant your senses - Add some magic to your ambience and enjoy a dazzling scene of vibrant butterflies circling your vision!

✅Astral Society - The stars are not as far away as you might think, and after exposing them to the sun, Omiorb™ is like a second moon!

✅Beautiful Lighthouse - Help the butterfly spread more smiles, hang it next to a window, garden or porch to create your special environment!

✅Omiorb™ is the ultimate choice - bring balance to your gloomy home and enjoy the peaceful mood Omiorb™ brings to your surroundings!