Motorcycle and Locomotive alarm clock

Type:  Gold Motorcycle



Super cool model, a creative alarm clock at the same time.
A perfect decorative item for home of retail stores.
Can use this alarm clock as a gift for your friends birthday.
A good alarm clock for reminding you to get up, say good bye to lateness.

Product Description :

Product material: plastic + quartz movement
Product weight: 240g / piece
Product size: 22.5*12.5*7cm

Great choice for home furnishing; it's a clock, at the same time, it's an art work, This unique eye-catching exquisite motorbike and Locomotive can bring much pleasure to the house.

This finely made motorcycle and Locomotive shape alarm clock create an exercising atmosphere; The alarm will inspire you to move.
Quartz clock core provides accurate timing for years of usage, and a useful clock with alarm for daily use.