High Pressure Garden Watering Hose Nozzle Sprayer

Bundle:  1 PC


Our water hose nozzle can do more than just water your plants, it can help you with general cleaning and more!


With its ability to release high-pressured water, our high pressure hose nozzle is able to loosen up dirt on your patio tiles, keeping it spotless and clean. Adjust the garden hose sprayer to release a light sprinkle and carefully water your delicate flowers, letting them bloom to their full glory.

Transfer from the garden to the garage by using our hose spray nozzle to wash out all the soap suds from your car. Get every bit of soap off and leave your car sparkling clean and good enough to take out for a ride.

Easily attach your regular water hose to the mighty watering nozzle and experience all its pressure modes. Use it almost anywhere around your home for all your cleaning, gardening, and other watering needs with ease!


MULTI-PURPOSE - Your whole home needs to be cleaned at some point and not all areas will make do with just a wet towel rag and soap. Our water hose sprayer has multiple uses around the home from gardening, car washing, floor cleaning, and more!

ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE - Different areas of your home need different levels of water pressure to get the job done. Adjust your hose nozzle to be gentle enough to water your plants and strong enough to remove dirt from your tiles.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - House cleaning can be very tiring so any bit of help really counts. Its ergonomic design allows you to comfortably hold and operate your water hose nozzle for a very long time.


Material: ABS, TPR, aluminum alloy
Size: 9.3*4.3*2.8in
Color: Black


1x Garden hose nozzle