Green Tree of Life Agate Suncatcher with Polished Gemstone

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These 3-D geode suncatchers with copper wire tree of life metal art sculptues look great hanging on the porch, window or glass door. Twisted wire art can be used as interesting wall hangings, beautiful garden ornaments, inspiring home decor and unique memorial pieces. Great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings. These geode suncatchers also make stand out housewarming gifts. Spiritual people will appreciate gemstone art pieces because they are said to have healing energies that can focus on parts of the body (chakras).

Agate geode stone slabs seem to "glow" in direct sunshine or artificial light. It is really quite exquisite. they take on different looks in different settings which I tried to represent in the listings pictures.

The tree of life sculpture is soldered onto this beautiful green polished agate slice. There is a polished gemstone soldered onto the piece as well. The tree is made up of copper wire that has been twisted into a tree shape. Each of my trees are unique and no tree comes out quite the same. The outside of the piece is lined with solder, painted with a metallic copper color and has been sealed with acrylic gloss layer for protection. There are 2 jump rings soldered onto the top of the piece for hanging by the attached chain.

Each tree of life agate suncatcher comes with a hooked suction cup for hanging.

The agate slab is 1/4 inch thick. With the tree and gemstone, the piece is about 1 inch thick. The diameter of the piece is 4 inches.

The TREE OF LIFE is a symbol for life itself. The tree has become a symbol of Love, Wisdom, Rebirth, Unity, Strength, Nobility, Connection, Family, Communication, Loyalty, Power, Longevity, Heritage, Redemption, Friendship, Bounty and Encouragement.

The TREE OF LIFE is a concept that's been featured in many cultures, religions, myths, stories and legends all around the world. Since ancient times, people have used variations on the theme. Connecting all things - the realms of the spirit, the physical, the Divine and the mundane - the roots of the Tree and the branches touch all things and bring them together in harmony. Trees are said to hear our innermost prayers and wishes and send them to Heaven. Native Americans called trees "the standing people" who hear us and speak to us in whispers. Trees are made up of peace and spirituality for all of us to enjoy.

AGATE - A variety of chalcedony. Tones and strengthen body/mind. Imparts a sense of strength and courage. Facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances. Grounding, but energetic. Powerful healer. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.