Gravity Defier CarTM

Color:  gray


Take Your Playing Experience To The Next Level 


 Drive On Walls, Floors, Ceiling And Windows 


The Gravity Defier Car can drive on any smooth surface. Race up walls, on the floors, across ceilings and on glass windows



Laser Tracking

Point the laser light beam on the wall, ceiling or floor, and the Gravity Defier Car™ will chase the light in any direction.

Power To Defy Gravity

With patented Wall Climber Technology, the Gravity Defier Car™ will climb vertical walls and drive upside down on ceilings.

Easy To Control

This lightweight, wall climbing vehicle is fun and easy to control for any racer. You can make sharp turns and even make it spin.

Stunt Car Lights

When driving the Gravity Defier Car™, the Intelligent LED lights will turn on automatically