Garden Canvas Hammock Camping

Color:  Red


Package include:

1 x Hammock

2 x Binding Robe

1 x storage bag

Use hammock note:

1 Do not use excessive force in the process, so as not to break the contact.

2 must be firmly anchor hanging hammocks, hanging height does not exceed 1M, to prevent accidentally fell wounded.

3 Do not put the rope tied to the bed there is a strong point sharp objects to avoid damage to the rope.

4 Avoid carry sharp objects button or damaged hammock.

5 Please check before using the rope hammock, rope tied from the shorter the better.

6 This product is not fireproof fabric, please stay away from the fire source.

7 Note hammock clean the surrounding ground level, avoiding choose gravel, twigs and other hard objects exist in places (to make use of on the grass).


1, always check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear.

2, prohibits a substantial swing back and forth, the two ends of the rope in order to avoid rapid wear off and cause unnecessary harm.

3, in the leisure and entertainment, pay attention to personal safety

General Use:Outdoor Furniture

Style:Hammock with Wooden

Pattern:Canvas Hammock General Use:Hammock Outdoor Furniture

Weight :750 (g)

[Name] Single canvas hammock

[Specification]Rainbow Color Double Model 260*150-Special Offer No Bending Wood + Storage Bag + Tie Rope

[Bearing] the maximum load about 200-300 KG

[Description] using percale, durable and soft and comfortable, with a canvas carrying bag for easy carrying