Car Door bowl Door handles Reflective sticker

Color:  8-piece set of blue



*1. 100% brand new high quality.

*2. It is made of high-quality materials, which is durable.

*3. Anti-collision and scratch protection to protect the car door.

*4. The conspicuous reflective warning stickers can keep driving safer day and night.

*5. The reflective logo adopts microprism technology with high reflective brightness.

*6. Double-sided adhesive tape can be used by gently tearing, which is easy to use and can be installed without damage.

*7. Multiple process manufacturing, the edge is round and not scratched.

*8. The surface is hand-made with epoxy coating to give the reflective sticker a 3D effect.


*Material: PVC

*Size: 82mm*90mm(For Door Handle Cups); 12.9cm x 1.6cm(For Door Handle)

*Installation Location: Outer Car Door Handle

*Installation: Adhesive Paste

*Color: blue、red、black、white、ube

*Suitable: Universal for all the cars

Car Door bowl Door handles Reflective sticker Protective foil Anti-scratch sticker Door safety Warning Reflective Sticker Car body Reflective Sticker