Anti Drip Extreme-Duty Caulking Gun



Small but exquisite good tool!!!

We bring you the smallest, lightest, non-drip Portable Caulking Gun for DIY use. It is small and can be placed in the narrowest place. You can even cut off the extra part of the silicone box to make it easy to install. This is the only caulking gun that provides you with this unique feature. After trying this system, you will never use the old, nasty metal caulking gun again.   

  • THE SMALLEST NO-DRIP SILICONE GUN IN THE WORLD - Mini Portable Caulking Gun is currently the smallest glue gun in the world, with a total size of 5.9 * 7.1 inches and a weight of 0.62 pounds. It is made of lightweight, strong and durable ABS plastic. It is an ideal choice for small spaces and narrow angles.
  • ANTI-OVERFLOW GLUE TECHNOLOGY - 12:1 high thrust ratio delivers a thick adhesive flow and dispenses caulk more efficiently,and the push rod automatically retracts after use to release the pressure on the silicone to prevent glue overflow,no glue is dripped at all.                  
  • EASY TO LOAD AND EASY TO CLEAN - It takes a few seconds to load, and a few seconds to delete. Thanks to the non-drip technology, you ensure the cleanliness of your work, and cleaning is easy.
  • FOR ALL YOUR CAULKING AND FILLING TASKS - The short length of the gun and the fact that you can actually remove excess from the silicone tube, allows you to reach even the tightest places (i.e. behind the toilet). If you can get your hand in there, you can work with the Mini Portable Caulking Gun.
  • STURDY&DURABLEUse high-strength, anti-aging materials,wear-resistant and compressive. Abrasion and no deformation, long service life.


    ☛ Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy blade

    ☛ Product Weight: 0.62 lb

    ☛ Size: 6*7 inch

    ☛ Package Contents: Portable Caulking Gun x 1