AlphaHook- Fish Hook Remover



Avoid Painful Injuries And Remove Hooks Effortlessly!

Looking for an easier way to unhook your fish without your fingers paying the price? Look no further. Introducing AlphaHook™️ Fish Hook Remover. The easy to use unhooking tool that will keep you fishing all day injury-free. Simply run down the line and press to unhook and just like that you're back in business. It's completely safe and pain-free.

The stainless steel hooking extension allows an adequate amount of distance between you and the fish mouth. This means you can safely and quickly remove the hook from the fish's mouth without harming you and the fish. Gets into the deepest and most embedded hooks easily. It’s subtle and efficient without hurting the fish. Allowing them to be released from the line pain-free and back into the sea peacefully.


  • EASY TO OPERATE - Makes it perfect for every beginner to use. It’s so simple you can operate it with one hand with ease. Allowing you to unhook without having to use both of your hands anymore.
  • BETTER PROTECTION - Keeps you away from the fish without having to dig inside to get the hook out. Saves your fingers from getting caught up in the fish's teeth and potentially injuring yourself.
  • LESS HARMFUL TO THE FISH - Removes the hook much more subtle and easier than just ripping it out. Faster and better than any pliers. Making it less painful for the fish to finally get off the hook.
  • COMPACT & DURABLE - Lightweight yet impact resistant. Made with stainless steel that doesn't rust and is built tough as nails. Allowing you to use it over and over again for years without showing any signs of rust or wear at all.


  • Material: Aluminium Tube + ABS Handle + Stainless Steel Hook
  • Weight: 57g
  • Size: 10in


  • 1 x AlphaHook™️- Fish Hook Remover