Air-Soft Marshmallow Slippers

Colour:  Orange
Size:  34-35(230mm)


Experience relaxation in a new way!

Have you ever come home from a long day, take off your shoes, and wanted to go to bed from exhaustion? Take a step to the sky and enjoy endless comfort for your feet. 

This Quick-drying Marshmallow Slippers will give you this feeling without any effort or exertion. The cloud slippers are soft, thick,  comfortable, and soothe your foot and joint pain. Enjoy the liberating feeling of being able to walk on clouds and treat yourself to a break for your feet.


Ergonomic Design: The engineering design of the hollow footbed can effectively support the foot, fit the curve of the foot pelvic floor walk not tired foot.

Non-Slip Sole: Anti-Slip Sole lines raised design, Soft high-density EVA soles give you safe, has excellent slip resistance, coupled with the pressure of the human body weight increased friction to keep balance better, secure footing on any indoor outdoor activities.

Thickened Soft Sole: Soft and supportive midsole provides arch support and cushioning. The sole is a 4.5cm thickened sole raising effect twice that of an ordinary sole, giving your feet ultimate comfort and pain relief.

Suspension design: About 30° forward tilt head protection design, forward and backward shock absorption, reduce foot.

Keep quiet: Anti-slip granules help keep your feet from slipping out of your shoes and reduce creaking when you walk. And these tiny particles make sure you don't have to squeak when you walk.

Indoor wearing: You can put these shoes on right after you get out of the shower. Casual style perfects for all seasons and occasions, home slippers, house slippers, indoor bedroom, bathroom, living room, and so on.


Materials: EVA
Platform Height: 3-5cm

- Foot length 22-23(cm) = Size 34/35

- Foot length 23-24(cm) = Size 36/37

- Foot length 24-25(cm) = Size 38/39

- Foot length 25-26(cm) = Size 40/41

- Foot length 26-27(cm) = Size 42/43

- Foot length 27-28(cm) = Size 44/45

- Foot length 28-29(cm) = Size 46/47

- Foot length 29-30(cm) = Size 48/49


1 x Air-Soft Marshmallow Slippers