Air Horn For 12V Truck Motorcycle

Color:  black



They'll Hear You Before They See You
1. This product is suitable for all models with air source device.

2. The working current of the control relay must be greater than 10A.

3. The cross section of the main power line of the relay is greater than or equal to 2.5MM2. The output line is not less than 1.5MM2. The negative (ground) line should be in good contact to ensure the use of this product.

4. The air source of the horn should be directly introduced from the air storage cylinder to achieve better sound quality: the air storage cylinder must discharge water frequently to affect the service life of the solenoid valve.

5. Working pressure 0.3~0.9MPa, Jiazhi 0.42~0.68MPa.

6. The temperature adaptation range is -40~80`C.

7. The service life of this product is more than 100,000 times.