3-IN-1 Multi-Function Silicone Cooking Tool



Want to cook in a multi-task way? No more worries cause we have this 3-IN-1 Multi-Function Silicone Cooking Tool for you that can be used as your tong, mixer, and food stem separator!
Ergonomically provides a perfect grip, ensuring your food arrives on your plate safely while transferring. Will eliminate wobbling & any risk of burning your hands with its premium silicon material adaptation.
A great kitchen cooking tongs for your chicken, meats, veggies, fruit pieces, and more! Very innovative and perfect for every cooking lover!

• 3 Usage Kitchenware
A must-have kitchen tool that comes with a tong, mixer, and separator in one product! May be used for multiple cooking!
• Non-Stick & Stable Transferring
Adopts a non-sticky residue that will not affect your food while using! Stable tranfer of food from pan to plate, meeting the demand requirements of chefs and bakers, and non-professionals.
• Easily Disassembled for Perfect Mixer
Can quickly assemble and disassemble, making a perfect two spoon mixer for any dishes! Making your mixing more relax and well-mixed.
• Heat Resistance
Makes great cookware and is perfect for use with hot foods! Unbeatable on cold or hot degree, corrosion and high temperature resistance.
• Ergonomic Easy Handle
Instantly trap the food while scooping, giving you comfortable and anti-slip gripping!
• Multi-Purpose
Multifunctional and can be used as grilling meat, scooping boiled egg, yolk egg, pasta, spaghetti, or simply mixer while cooking!

• Material: Food-Grade Silicone
• Color: Blue
Dimension: 6cm x 28cm

• 3-IN-1 Multi-Function Silicone Cooking Tool x 1 pc